Royal Roofing Company, LLC
Royal Roofing Company, LLC
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References for Royal Roofing Company, LLC in Tucson, AZ

“Provided a prompt, written formal estimate by mail. Kept me informed what they would do and when they would start/finish. Once work was underway, dealt with some minor extra work without halting everything to fuss over added cost. Gave me a briefing every morning on what they found and did. Finished promptly, without squeezing me in between other jobs."

Matthew E.
Tucson, AZ via BBB

“Mr. William Cunningham and his staff performed to my full expectatiions. ...I feel I can recommend Royal Roofing unconditionally should someone inquire asking for the name of a roofing company."

George D.
Tucson, AZ

“...After several disappointments, I called a friend in the contracting and residential repair business and asked if he could recommend a good roofing company. There was no hesitation when he recommended Royal Roofing for the work. In fact, he had just used Royal for repairs on his home and was extremely satisfied. ...Royal completed the work on time and at the end of each day Mr. Cunningham provided a review of the work completed that day, and what was scheduled the next day....My wife and I are extremely satisfied with the work performed by Royal Roofing and have recommended them for other jobs to friends and coworkers."

Thomas W.
Tucson, AZ

“Of my three estimates I have chosen you for the job because of your professionalism."

Mildred M.
Tucson, AZ
*More references available upon request